Firearms Safety card

$25.00 (allows you to take the test twice if you fail the first time) Firearm Safety Cards are good for 5 years and can be used at any gun shop throughout California.
You must have a California Firearm Safety Card to purchase a Firearm in the State of California, unless you are exempt. You must also bring along proof of residency for all handgun purchases and are required by law to purchase a Cal Doj approved gun lock, if your purchase doesn't come with one.

General Transfers:

$75.00 dealer transfer fee, Each additional firearm is $10.00 per firearm
$25.00 DROS fee (background check)
8.75% sales tax on total cost of firearm being transferred

Private Party Transfers

$25.00 DROS fee (background check)
$10.00 fee for the dealer equaling $35 total

Special Orders:

Requires payment in full, before order is placed.

Department Of Justice Denials:

We charge 30% restocking fee if you fail your background check. Background check fee and HSC Cards are not refundable.Always check the CADOJ roster to make sure your firearm can be legally transferred. Here is the link,